Help! How Do I Do Smart Casual?

Help! How Do I Do Smart Casual?

A friend posts out about an hour before the event she’s going to

“I can do Ball gowns and business and running. What the £&@k do they mean by smart casual?”

 There’s a simple secret to doing Smart Casual

It’s actually easy to do if you’re prepared to invest a bit of time and/or Money.



A luxury version of your personal style in bigger brands and fancier fabrics

or, if you’ve not got the cash,

then simply your favourite clothes washed and pressed


Who you are - Because it’s not a corporate uniform

What’s important to you- From your favourite music to your sense of humour.

What you’re values are- hard work, family, ethics (like Veganism)

3 basic steps to follow to make Smart casual easy

  1. Choose your best colours

Don’t bother to force yourself into a colour that you don’t like or even into colour if you’re not comfortable

So Open your wardrobe and see what colours dominate

  1. Sort like colours together
  2. Note The colours you’ve got most of. These are the ones you’re happiest with and you’ll always feel your best in.
  3. If it’s mostly black check out what colours you’ve got in scarves and jewellery

 (While you’re doing this send anything you’ve only got one colour of or you’ve never worn to charity)

  1. Decide on your style
    1. Sort like garments together. So Trousers with trousers skirts with skirts T-shirts with t-shirts Dresses with dresses
    2. Note what your style choices are for example
      • T-shirts and jeans and hoodies
      • Dresses and long skirts and floaty tops
      • Jackets and body con dresses
      • Tracky bottoms and PJ’s
    3. Then sort like with like and get rid of anything you’re not wearing. Doesn’t fit or you’ve only got one of. ( unless it’s a very beautiful and expensive winter coat)
    4. Get rid of anything that doesn’t fit or you’re always pulling up or down when you wear it

What you’re left with is your favourite style and a lot more space in your wardrobe


  1. Plan what shoes you need(yes I would say that)
    • Are they mostly boots or trainers
    • Sandals or shoes
    • Flat and comfortable or high and sparkly
    • To look comfortable in control your shoes need to fit well, look tidy and go with your favourite style and colour
    • You also need to be able to move around and stand in them with confidence

Go through these steps and then make a list of your style rules

then go shopping


For example my style rules are

  1. I love pink or red mixed with navy and Denim and cute patterns
  2. I really love natural fabrics with a bit of stretch added.
  3. I hate sludgy greens and coral
  4. I feel great showing off my waist and feel lousy in anything that doesn’t
  5. I always need a jacket or knit because I hate being cold
  6. I love boots with a medium heel and trainers


Like there’s a green or red for everyone there’s a smart version of your favourite outfit somewhere

If you’re short of cash take your rules to charity shops in rich areas you’ll be amazed at the bargains you can find

Just stick to your own style rules



Make sure it fits well!

get trousers and clothes taken in

Take time finding the perfect boots trainers or shoes


Never lie to yourself about your clothes size (especially underwear size)

The easiest way to look smart is to have a smooth outline

So no VPL and find time to iron your stuff ( or bribe your mum with chocolate)


If you follow the tips and organise and de clutter a bit

you’ll have more room in your wardrobe

so your things will be easier to choose, and to put away

so won’t get so rumpled


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